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Create your Custom RUN Command in Windows

Hey Guys, Do you ever think that how the RUN Command of Windows operating system works? OR want to create your own RUN command. If ‘YES’ then you’re on the right place.
Today I will show you that how to create your own (user-defined) Run commands in Windows Vista, 7 or above. After reading this tutorial you will able to explain the working of RUN option in windows as well as can create a Run command for your own Applications.But before this take a look at the table of content that we are going to learn  today. Here this is the table of content which I going to explain in this tutorial...

What is Run Command in Windows?

Run Command is just a File name (Usually a name of a software).That is used to invoke/execute the file directly from the desktop by using the built-in RUN program of windows. Means no need to open the windows explorer but you have to open the RUN dialog box by pressing the Win-Key+R combination.The main purpose to provide this feature is to save your time(searching time). It facilitates the user to open any program or file directly from the desktop with a short name.

How it works?

When a user type any name or key in Run Dialog Box, the Run Program check whether this key matches with any file (Shortcut File or Executable) name in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 or check some specific registry entries. When it successfully find the file it execute that file and if the file is a shortcut file then it will go to the actual file location and execute the file. See the Diagram below for more clear view of working of RUN command.
Working of Run Command in Windows

How to create your custom (user-defined) Run command.

Now you have all the basic knowledge of the RUN program of windows i.e. what it is and how it works. So now you are ready to create your custom RUN command shortcut for any existing software or folder on your system or for your personal software that is created by you. I also want to mention that the method I going to show you is the easiest way to create custom Run commands. Follow the below given steps carefully

 Step 1:- Right Click on Your Desktop and choose New then Shortcut
Right-Click > New > Shortcut

Step 2:- The Create Shortcut window appears on the desktop. Asking you for the Location of the file (whose Run shortcut you want to create)
Type or browse the location of the file and click on NEXT button.


Step 3:- Now type any name for this shortcut and click on FINISH button.
Note that the same name will be used as the “Run command shortcut” for this File.


Step 4:- Now copy this shortcut file and

Press Win-Key+R and type %windir% the hit enter

The windows installation directory (usually C:\windows) will open,
Paste the copied shortcut file in the opened directory.


Yeah! you successfully created your first user-defined Run command... :) 

Step 5:- Now for using your recently created Run command, simply open RUN dialog box by pressing Win-Key+R and type your ‘Shortcut File’ name and Hit enter.

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