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How to create your own Font Design

customfontHey Friends, today I going to explain you that how to create your own font style for windows.
Though there are plenty of fonts for to choose from, but sometime you may have a desire to create your very own design. Or you may have wished to transform your handwriting into a computer Font. Creating your own font design is not so tough task…but the problem is that you need to buy a Font Editor Software (software programs used to create a font design) which is very expensive.
Here later in this article I am going to make you familiar with a creative software toolkit to design your own font style…..

Before start I want show you a list of top 4 Font Editors software's

FontLab Studio 5.0.4 [$649.00]
BitFonter 3 [$499]                            
Fontographer 5.1 [$399]
TypeTool 3 [$99]
According to a Software reviewing website these are the most commonly used Font Editor or creator tools...As you see these software's are very expensive but don't worry they all have an trial version to try.After using the trial version if you happy with the results then you can buy the full version with advance features.
 The article not going to be end here...
Now The main part of this post is going to be start from here.. As you read above, that there are plenty of Font Editor are there...Microsoft also includes a Private Character Editor which make you able to create your own characters, which you can then insert into documents by using Character Map.
but beside these all i'm going to introduce you to a awesome Font Editor tool named FontStruct which doesn't need to be downloaded or buy.It works Online for free :).I find this is a best creative Font editor tool to show your creativity to others for free of cost.
For Using this superb tool you need to follow these steps
  • First of all you need to visit
  • Sign up for a free account
  • Now Sign In into your account and start creating your own Font designs for free.and after creating your Font you can share it on Internet or with your friends for free .
That's all..:):)

Here is the snapshot of my custom Font style ...using Font Struct

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  1. i really wanted to know that stuff thanks for sharing buddy..

  2. Interesting. Your instructions look clear but I'm not very good at this so I hope this will work well for me. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thanks dear..ya its surely work well for you..:)

      Keep Visiting..


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