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How to make internet Faster

Is your Internet connection is too slow…? Even you disabled the windows updates and other updates. So this is may be because of Windows reserve-able bandwidth. Most of us are not aware of Windows reserve-able bandwidth. Here I explain it in brief:-
Microsoft Windows uses 20% of your Internet Bandwidth for their own purpose, such as Windows update and other driver updates etc.”

 Here today I’ll tell you an easy tweak to disable this Reserve-able Bandwidth... by doing this you can make your internet connection 20% faster. Follow these easy steps & make your internet 20% faster

  •  Go to Start Menu then RUN and type "gpedit.msc" Without quotes.[This command is used to open the Local Group Policy Editor]
  • Then click on Local computer policy and click on (or expand) Computer Configuration folder.
  • In Computer Configuration open Administrative Templates and then open Network.
  •  Now Click on Quos Packet Scheduler and double click on Limited reservable bandwidth.
  • [Here it shows NOT CONFIGURED, but under Option Tab you can see i.e. by default it reserve 20% of your internet bandwidth]