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7 tips to make your Pc or Laptop Run faster

Now the days as the technology changes everybody wants a swift and fast Computer/laptop .but after installing some large softwares, games or due to virus attack the system becomes slow,and it seems very irritating when you have to make a important presentation,wants to play games etc.But There are several things you can do to speed up your computer.
Here today i tell you 7 tips to make your PC or Laptop Run faster.Its very simple and easy.

  • Uninstall unwanted Programs (programs that you used very rarely) –The first thing that makes your computer response very slow is the wastage of memory cause by Unused/rarely used software programs. So the first step towards making your computer processing speed better is to remove/uninstall those unwanted programs. For doing this
Click on start_menu_button – control panel – In programs tab click on uninstall a program-then select a Program to uninstall-then click on Uninstall [as shown below]


  • Clear Temporary/dump files And other cache files to free up RAM Memory – As we know that at time of processing the intermediate output of any program is being stored in RAM (Random Access Memory) but the after the completion of process some of the files get deleted automatically by the program itself and the remaining files still present in memory which are useless. These Temporary files are usually located in %Temp% and Temp folder.

And there are various types of cache files in windows (such as internet browser cache, font cache, thumbnails cache and DNS cache etc.) Cache is a high-speed access area that can be either a reserved section of main memory or a storage device. There are two ways to delete these files

1.       Manually : For this Press Windows_key+R key combination or go to start menu click on Run
Now Enter %TEMP% and hit Enter.
A window pops-up click inside that window and press CTRL+A (to select all files) and then Press (Shift+Delete) +Enter [to delete those files permanently].
Again go to Run, this time Enter TEMP (without % sign)… follow the same process again.

2. Using Software:-The best software to delete unwanted temp/dump files, all types of cache files is CCleaner. Click here Download the latest version of CCleaner from the official website.
  •   Do not use any theme app(such as apple look like theme on windows or something else):-Do not use heavy themes, do not use stylish cursor pointer, because these things make your computer slower even sometimes it resulting in crashes your PC/Laptops.
  •   Defragment Hard Drives:- Before discuss anything about this I want to explain you that what is Defragmentation actual is, Disk defragmentation describes the process of consolidating fragmented files on your computer's hard disk.Fragmentation happens to a hard disk over time as you save, change, or delete files. The changes that you save to a file are often stored at a location on the hard disk that's different from the original file. Additional changes are saved to even more locations. Over time, both the file and the hard disk itself become fragmented, and your computer slows down as it has to look in many different places to open a file. Disk Defragmentation is a tool that rearranges the data on your hard disk and reunites fragmented files so your computer can run more efficiently.
You can Defragment your hard drive using windows in-built Defragment tool, for this
Right click any of the drive which you want to Defragment then go to properties then switch to Tools tab then click on Defragment now button.(Note- It may take some time).

2.Download any good Hard Disk Defragmenter software.My recommendation are: use the latest version of Auslogics Disk Defrag or Piriform Defraggler.

  •   Cleanup your Desktop (use as less as possible apps on Desktop) – Remove unwanted shortcuts from desktop. Because if there are several or dozens of files on the Desktop, those will use lots of operating memory, essentially for no purpose or gain. With less memory available, the computer runs slower because it has to swap out information from operating memory to the hard drive.
  •   Remove/disable unwanted programs from run at start-up-Many programs are designed to start automatically when Windows starts. Software manufacturers often set their programs to open in the background and occupies large amount of memory. So if you want make your computer log in faster, disable unwanted start-up programs. For doing this I recommend you to Use Tune is easy and simple. By following these steps :-
Disable unwanted programs from automatic START-UP

Press Win-Key + R & Type msconfig and switch to STARTUP tab


Press Win-Key + R & Type msconfig and switch to SERVICES tab
Disable Unwanted "Services
  • Virus scan with a good Antivirus:-Scan your computer for viruses with a Kaspersky or  Bit-defender like Antivirus. There are various types of viruses,[see my this post-Viruses].some of them remains in memory for long time and start hidden processes in background which make your PC /laptop run slow. That’s why the removal of viruses increases your PC performance.



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