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How make a “CON” name Folder in Windows..??

Today I going to show you to how to make a “CON” or “Without Name” Folder in Windows.

Before proceed to the process, I think first we should Know about the reason behind it that, why we can’t make a “CON” name folder in windows.

Reason: - We can’t create a folder with these names in Windows because these are reserved keywords used by DOS.
Some other reserved keywords are

(Taken From Microsoft’s Official Website):-

CON           ===     Key board and display.

PRN              ===     System list device, usually a parallel port.

AUX ===     Auxiliary Device, usually a serial port.

CLOCK$      ===    System real-time clock.

NULL            ===     Bit-bucket device.

A: - Z:        ===     Drive letters.

COM1          ===     First serial communication port.

LPT1          ===     First parallel printer port.

LPT2            ===     Second Parallel printer port.

LPT3            ===     Third Parallel printer port.

COM2          ===     Second serial communication port.

COM3        ===     Third serial communication port.

COM4          ===     Fourth serial communication port.

Now Follow these Simple Steps Shown in Screenshots to make a “CON” or “WITHOUT NAME” folder in Windows

Step 1:- Make a Folder

Step 2: Rename the Folder.

Step 3: Now for

“CON name Folder” 
 Press ALT+255 then unhold the ALT key and type CON then Enter.
 “Without name Folder” Press ALT+255 then Press Enter.