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How to Create Wifi HotSpot using Notepad

Most of the time we find it very difficult to create a Wifi HotSpot on our computer. Even I also find it little hassle task to do because I need to go through multiple options which might looks very tedious. Here today I going to show you that how can you create a Wifi HotSpot with a single click.For this we’ll use the Notepad (built-in text editor in windows) and a simple batch code.Follow these steps carefully:-

How to Unblock USB Ports-Through Regedit,Batch script & C

Sometime we want to copy data from our college’s computers…but when we plug in the USB drive, system didn’t show it off...actually at that time the USB ports are disabled by the college authority due to some reasons.Here Today I’m going explain you that how to disable/Enable USB ports.

How to Delete All Your Google Web History

We all know that a web browser records each link of the webpage that we visited on or search. But very few of us know that Google also records each and every step be taken or each and every keyword or phrase we search on/through Google Search.
Here I don’t say that Google records our activities for any wrong purpose but in future it can be used against us. Later in this post I will explain you that why Google records your activity on web and how can you delete this recorded history.

How to Reset Forgotten Security code of Nokia Mobiles

In my previously posted articles I show you “How to Find out Forgotten security code of Nokia Mobile” without using any software and by using software and these methods are works like a charm on most of the Nokia Smartphone’s, but some phones didn't recognize these reset methods mostly because of new software versions like Symbian Anna and Belle

How to remove Shortcut Virus from Pen Drive, Memory card and PC

Now a days almost every computer user having a USB Flash drive (pen drive), which they uses for transferring data (movies, games, documents etc.) I think it’s not wrong if I say that USB, memory card etc. are just become a necessity of every computer user, because it is very easy to use and very handy also which makes it a good choice, Instead of carrying CDs or DVD’s. But Besides these advantages there is a disadvantage also, that when you using this kind of memory (Flash memory) then the risk of viruses is become high.