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How to create your own Font Design

Hey Friends, today I going to explain you that how to create your own font style for windows. Though there are plenty of fonts for to choose from, but sometime you may have a desire to create your very own design. Or you may have wished to transform your handwriting into a computer Font. Creating your own font design is not so tough task…but the problem is that you need to buy a Font Editor Software (software programs used to create a font design) which is very expensive. Here later in this article I am going to make you familiar with a creative software toolkit to design your own font style…..

5 Free Piano Software for Windows

Today I going to present a list of some awesome Piano software’s for Windows,which helps you to tab into your inner Mozart.
These free piano programs are specially made for those who love to play piano ,but can't afford that . The list of piano programs are going to show. has very simple user-interface,that's why very easy use to also,
 By using these pianos you will able to play sweet melodies, even full songs with your computer keyboard.
Since these are freeware software so you don’t need to pay even a single penny.

Customize Right-click Context Menu in Windows 7

When you right click on the Desktop screen or any app icon or folder or file then a menu appears, called Context menu. There are some predefined option/commands in right click context menu, but sometime we need more options or want to add some specific action in the context menu (such notepad shortcut,registry editor etc.), but it required a  complicated process to do this i.e., changes in Registry Entries
. But today I want to show an easy method to Customize context menu in Windows 7 with a small utility named FileMenu Tools. Just follow these simple steps given below...